Der Wunderful Reviews

It doesn’t get more Brighton or more fringe than Der Wunderlich Revue. But don’t just take our word for it. Below are what the Critics think!

“Truer to the subversive style of the original burlesque” – The Times

“A Joy to behold – and not for the obvious reasons” – The Times 

“The Wunderlich’s may reach levels of absurdity as the cast, some in wigs and beards, dance a “man-can” with nothing but napkins covering their modesty, but there’s also something deeply moving and, well, erotic about their performance”– The Times

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“Der Wunderlich Revue has become something of a Brighton institution.  It’s a joyous, fast-paced show which combines male cabaret acts with kitsch male strippers – “Boylesque” – producing something fun and uplifting, and a refreshing change from the usual cookie-cutter cabaret.” – The Fringe Guru

“Der Wunderlich Revue is an unmissable Fringe show, a truly unique gem in a sea of samey cabaret.” – The Fringe Guru

“One thing you can never say about Der Wunderlich is that it shies away from controversy – they like to be shocking just as much as they like to be silly or sexy, often striving for all three at once” – The Fringe Guru

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