Gag worthy performances from Male performers across Circus, Drag, Comedy, Cabaret, Cheerleading and more. All squeezed into one Show! 17th and 18th May

Meet The Gang

Der Wunderlich Revue hosts a smorgasbord of ‘almost all male’ cabaret acts from the Brighton Circus and Cabaret Scene. With special guest acts each show cherry picked from the plethora of outstanding performers at the Fringe. Previous guests include Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, Dolly Rocket, Boogaloo Stu, Desmond O’Connor, Mr Danny Ash and the Big Gay Following to name a few.

Whilst the acts change nightly, expect regular appearances from this wild bunch…

Professor Elemental Brighton Fringe 2018

Professor Elemental 

Purveyor of the finest chap-hop, this steam-punk professor puts our audience in a lyrical wiz with his legendary blend of music, comedy, dapper dressing and hip-hop. Professor is your host and compere for Der Wunderlich Revue.

‘Chap hop’s leading exponent’ The Wall Street journal

‘A YouTube hit’ Daily Telegraph

‘Breathtaking freestyle rap’ The Guardian

‘Fast and fluid…loveably bonkers’ Londonist

‘Funny & intelligent’ SFX magazine

‘A breath of fresh air in a serious scene’ Certified Banger


Mick Wunderlich Brighton Fringe 2018 copy

Mick Wunderlich 

The infamous courtesan and the heart of Der Wunderlich Revue. Mick Wunderlich will plays tribute to the classic ladies of Vaudeville and Weimar cabaret. Expect lots of audience participation, comedy song, and very very bad man drag. His Balloon popping routine will have you in hysterics if not feeling a little queezy!


Count Adriano Fettucini 

The Gentleman Juggler, Unicyclist, Dare Devil and Circus artist extraordinaire and comic musician. The count is a one man spectacular and one of the finest names in British variety! Come catch the Count, where it all began at Der Wunderlich Revue during the Brighton Fringe Festival this May.

Man of 1000 farces.jpg

Size Zero Albino

‘Hilarious if not slightly disturbing’ was one review of Size Zero’s previous performances. Size is a jack of trades, clown, mime, trapeze artist, ballet dancer and DJ. Size lives for a gag, so prepare for the unexpected and pack a spare Tena pad just incase.

Man of 1000 farces brighton

The Man of 1000 Farces 

International Man of Misery, The Man of 1000 Farces is back this year for another Der Wunderlich Revue. A Brighton Fringe favourite, we dare you to keep your eyes open and not scream as the Man of a 1000 farces dabbles with danger in the most hilarious yet incredibly stupid way.

British heart.jpg

The British Heart

Former king of Boylesque The British Heart is returning to the Cabaret circuit, premiering his new acts at Der Wunderlich Revue. King of tease, an amazing storyteller, and a captivating performer. Be seduced by the infamous The British Heart one more time.

streetMilk Mimes.jpg

Street Milk 

Two troublesome mimes, and resident clowns at Der Wunderlich revue. Silent but deadly funny. These modern day mimes will have you crying with laughter.

Team Mud.jpg

Team Mud

All male cheerleaders. Be amazed as gravity is defeated and big burly man-cheerleaders are thrown into the air in the most amazing displays of acrobatic excellence.


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